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Reasons to Go Solar in New Hampshire

Consider these economic and environmental benefits for adding solar panels to your home or business.

Reasons to Go Solar in New Hampshire

Solar panels capture the energy that the sun generates every day and use it to power your home or business—all while decreasing your electric bill and your carbon footprint. Whether you are looking to go green or simply save some green, here are some of our favorite reasons to make the switch.

Solar Pays for Your Electricity

On a sunny day, your system can generate far more power than you need. With net metering in place, this excess power feeds back into the grid and you get paid for the energy you supply to the utility company. Your meter keeps track of the kilowatt-hours going back to the utility and the utility company credits your electric bill for that amount. The solar advisors at Granite State Solar have the experience to be able to size your system so that the credits you accumulate during peak sunny seasons carry you through the winter.`

Get more details here on how net metering works in New Hampshire

Solar Eliminates Fluctuating Energy Bills

You know what makes sticking to a budget hard? Unknowns, like “How much is my electricity going to cost this month?” Rather than getting a surprise each month from your utility, you know your cost up-front—it is the cost of your system. And, because Granite State Solar works with VSECU, if you opt to finance your panels, you can expect one regular, low payment every month. No seasonal spikes here! Then at the end of the loan ‘poof’... no more electric bill.

Solar Protects Against Future Electric Rate Increases

Did you know you are also protecting yourself from future rate increases? When you buy solar today, you are locking in your electricity costs for the lifespan of your system. Granite State Solar only installs panels that have warranties that last at least 25 years. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) currently ranks New Hampshire as the 8th highest electricity costs in the U.S. But with solar, you never have to worry about this climbing higher.

The Environment Will Thank You

The transition to a renewable energy powered planet is not coming—it is already here. In 2019, renewable energy outpaced coal, for the first time, by supplying 23% of US power generation, compared to coal’s 20% share, reported The Guardian. And solar is poised to lead the pack since it is one of the most affordable, plentiful, and accessible forms of renewable energy.

Consider how it can help New Hampshire. A whopping 80% of New Hampshire’s electricity comes from non-renewable resources, including three coal-fired power plants, like the Merrimack Station in Bow, according to the EIA. Of course, by going solar, you’re swapping in a plentiful, renewable energy source with a low carbon footprint rather than drawing from power sources that hurt our planet.

And electricity is not the only greenhouse gas culprit. More than 40% of homes are heated with fuel oil (second in the country after Maine). But there’s a smart solution for this: Heat pumps. For starters, they run on electricity, making them a perfect pairing with solar panels. Plus, they’re also super efficient, meaning it also uses less power to keep your home toasty all winter long.

Another perk of going solar: Less waste. Having your energy source near where you will be using the energy — say, on your property — slashes energy losses from transmission and distribution. And the more energy we save, the fewer natural resources we have to tap.

The Resiliency Combo of Renewable Energy & Battery Backup

In 2018, the average person in New Hampshire experienced 8 1/2 hours of power outage, according to the EIA. Fortunately, reliability is a major byproduct of energy storage systems. With the increased intensity of storms and fluke outages, you can have full assurance that your well pump, refrigerator, main lighting, and other necessities like phone chargers remain running throughout the outage.

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Grow Your Local Economy

The state sends $3 billion out of state annually on fossil fuels according to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Coastal Enterprises Inc. Wouldn’t it be better to invest that into our local economy? When you go solar with New Hampshire-based company, you’re helping keep those dollars—and jobs—in our state. And what’s more local long-term than home-grown electricity from your roof or back yard?

Do you have more questions about solar in New Hampshire? Our solar advisors are here to get you all the answers. Reach out to our team today!

By Jane Stromberg

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