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Solar Energy Experts

Solar news to power your day! Our blog covers what's happening at Granite State Solar and gets your solar questions, answered.

New Hampshire Business Review’s Solar Expert Panel

Granite State Solar’s Ben Soucy on how solar is the right investment for your business

What Are the Federal Incentives for Solar, Batteries, and EVs?

 We break down the most recent incentives.

Electric Bill vs. Solar Loan: What to Know

Yes, solar is a smart investment, but some solar companies claim that your loan will cost less than...

Off Grid vs Grid Tied Solar: What to Know

Thinking about an off-grid solar system? Here are a few reasons to reconsider.

Solar Lease vs. Buy: What to Know

Thinking about leasing solar panels in New Hampshire? Here’s what you should consider first.

How Solar Protects Against Utility Rate Hikes

Feel like your electricity rate is set at the whim of the utility? Solar is your answer for...

Picking the Best Solar Panels: What to Know

Are all solar panels the same? Not even close! Here’s what to look for when it comes to finding...

Solar 101: An Introduction to Solar

Do you have more questions about solar in New Hampshire? Our solar advisors are here to get...

What Is an Inverter?

When it comes to solar, the panel is just half the equation. Here’s what you need to know about...