Solar Panels

All solar panels we offer are warrantied for 25 years.

LG Solar Panels

LG has applied its experience in pioneering electronics development to create remarkable solar panels. They deliver long-lasting power, efficiency, and reliability. The brand uses the most advanced manufacturing practices to ensure you get the performance you expect.


We are a REC Certified Solar Professional installer. REC's internal quality testing surpasses the industry standard, making these panels reliable for extreme environments. Out of approximately 4 million panels manufactured on a yearly basis, less than 400 return to REC from the field.


Q Cells

For the cost-conscious. For environmentalists. For energy pioneers. Put your trust in Q Cells, a global leader in solar research and development. Their Q.ANTUM technology is designed to perform in all kinds of real-world conditions, whether it's the peak of summer or a cloudy winter day.

How do we pick what panels to offer? Read Picking the Best Solar Panels: What to Know


For a truly resilient energy system, our battery storage options ensure that your home can continue to run on renewable solar power—even when the rest of the grid is experiencing an outage. 


Granite State Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Powerwall is designed to maximize your home's energy independence. It offers seamless back-up protection and has various customizable run modes so you can choose when and how you draw from your battery. 

Ensemble system

The Enphase Ensemble system offers great flexibility in storage size options. Available in increments as small as 3.36 kWh, these systems can be scaled to meet your needs. And battery monitoring is included in the same Enlighten tracking used with the Enphase microinverters.

Solar Inverters

Panels generate energy in the form of direct current, but our homes run on alternating current. The inverter's job is to turn the DC current into its usable, AC form. Get more info about this important piece of solar technology on our blog post "What Is an Inverter?"


Bringing you design flexibility, unmatched quality, easy installation, and better performance, Enphase microinverters are the smart choice. These systems come with Enphase Enlighten, which lets you monitor your production from any computer or mobile device and watch as your panels wipe out your electric bills.

Enphase microinverters
Solar Edge

Solar Edge string inverters are designed to be easily installed while maximizing energy production. Unlike other string inverters, Solar Edge technology ensures that if an individual module is underperforming (due to shading or snow cover), it does not impact the entire unit's production.

System Installation Options

roof at half

Roof Mounts

ground at half

Ground Mounts

carport filter

Carports or Canopies

What solar panels should I buy?

Every site—home or business—is different. The good news: we will find the right products for your needs. We will work with you through the options so you know you'll have a clean, reliable, and affordable solution.

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