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Solar: The Easiest Way to Go Green

Already dreading your summer electric bill? You’ll want to read this customer’s story!

Blog post size (4)“I like not feeling guilty about running my air conditioner,” says Jennifer about going solar. Laughing, she adds: “Like, I try to be green a lot with other things, but if you try to take my air conditioner, I’m going to cut you! I need my A/C!”

Factor in an older home, where, in her words “insulation is not so much a thing,” and Jennifer knew she was facing another summer of cranked-up A/C (or another season sweating her carbon footprint).

Fortunately, the architect knew that she had the perfect solar set up: “I have no trees in front of me, I face south-ish, it’s a perfect place,” she says. “It a long-time coming decision. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I was finally able to do it.”

The 9.35 kW system she had installed has 22 Q-Cell panels and 22 Enphase microinverters.

While she’s looking forward to offsetting her summer electricity usage, she was impressed with the crew’s dedication to installing her system on a 10-degree day in January. “It was super-fast, super easy.” (Jennifer was so impressed that she had the impression that it was a double crew trying to power through the cold. Actually, it was just the regular Granite State Solar crew killing it like they always do!)

As the winter transitions to spring, Jennifer is excited to see sunnier days. Some of the gray days of winter meant that her system didn’t fully cover her electric bill upfront, but as the days get sunnier and longer, she’ll produce more than she can use. The excess power will build credit with the utility company that she can use to offset future bills, thanks to net metering. Not to mention that on the days when her air conditioning is working its hardest is also when her panels are soaking up the most rays.

“I want to be responsible, and I think it’s really great that I don’t have to do anything,” she says. “I just have to put these panels up and take what would sort of be wasted energy and use it!” Hard to think of an easier way to go green.  

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By Julia Westbrook

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