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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Solar Installer


The Granite State’s solar industry saw a boom with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act and surging electricity rates. As a result, a number of out-of-state sales companies have entered the New Hampshire market. With all these solar options, it becomes increasingly important for customers to do their due-diligence and understand what each installer has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of going with a local, in-state team for your solar installation!

Extensive knowledge of the New Hampshire solar industry

With constantly changing policies at the local and federal levels, Granite Staters benefit from working with a local install team that has the knowledge and understanding of the state’s specific regulations and requirements for successful installations.

With the influx of out-of-state solar companies, some challenges have arisen. John Butler, Operations Manager at Granite State Solar, explains, "These companies are coming in with remote technologies and no real knowledge of the rules and regulations needed for a legal and successful installation. We've seen this manifest as massive delays and issues for Granite Staters who want to go solar."

With our roots right here in the Granite State, we have a lot of experience with the process of going solar in New Hampshire and we help our customers navigate every step.

Butler emphasizes "Being a company that's been in the New Hampshire community for 16 years, we know how to get things done by the book and provide a seamless installation.”

Local and customer-centric approach

Located right in Bow, NH, we’re part of the Granite State community and it is reflected in the approach we take with all our customers. Our doors are always open to customers who want to stop in to ask questions or meet the team and we’re quick to respond to all telephone and online inquires.

One Granite State Solar customer, whose project was delayed for nearly a year, highlights the value of working with a local company, stating, "It's comforting to know someone in Bow will answer the phone and is just a short drive away—not a stranger in a cubicle answering a 1-800-number in some other state."

As Granite Staters ourselves, we're invested in our customers and want to make going solar a positive experience for home and business owners located here. Since 2007, we’ve worked to establish processes and procedures to make solar installations in the state efficient for all our customers and modify them as needed.

Paul Lesure, President of Granite State Solar, concludes, "The New Hampshire solar landscape has changed significantly since Granite State Solar opened its doors in 2007. Our hope is that new companies moving into the New Hampshire market will take into consideration our state's values and learn our rules and regulations to create a positive solar experience for any New Hampshire customer they may come by."

If you want to put your solar installation in the hands of a team with extensive knowledge of NH solar regulations, a proud local presence, and a customer-first approach, get in touch with us today!

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