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Why You Should Get Multiple Quotes for Your Solar Installation

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Switching to solar energy is a big step towards sustainability and cost savings. However, with so many solar companies on the market, with differing approaches to solar, it can be difficult to choose the right installer for your system. One best practice we highly suggest for anyone going solar, is to get quotes from multiple installers. Keep reading to learn how this approach can help you land the best team for your solar experience.

1. Comparison of Pricing: Different installers offer various pricing structures, incentives, and financing options. By gathering multiple quotes, you can compare costs. Remember though, not all products offered are the same. You may get one quote for a higher kW system with fewer panels and one for a lower kW system with more panels, so just be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Be sure to also check whether the quote includes the addition of the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit for solar or batteries, or any other rebates that might be applicable. These differences can have a significant impact on the bottom line, so if in doubt, always check with each provider on how to read their quote.

2. Evaluation of Services and Products: Each solar installer might propose different solar panel brands, equipment, and warranties. Requesting quotes from several installers allows you to assess the quality of products and services they offer. Be sure to ask your installer about the differences in panel or inverter brands you are being quoted. For example, there are reasons you may want to go for micro-inverters over string inverters due to the impact on overall system efficiency. There are also some solar panel brands which have better longevity than others due to quality of panel — so if you are unsure what products are on your quote, just ask! This ensures that you get the best technology and services for your investment.

3. Customization and Tailored Solutions: Every home or business has unique energy needs. By receiving multiple quotes, you can explore diverse solutions and understand how each installer customizes their offerings to suit your specific requirements. For example, has the installer considered that you are planning to add a large energy draw next summer with the addition of a new hot tub? Or are you becoming an ‘empty nester’ as your children leave for college? These events will impact your energy needs across the year, and your Solar Advisor should consider this when sizing your system. This can lead to a more tailored and efficient solar system for your property.

4. Insight into Installer Reputation: Researching multiple solar companies provides insights into their reputation, customer service, and experience. Reviews, references, and customer feedback should all be on the list of things that you check out about an installer before going with them. Seeking quotes allows you to interact with these companies, and gauge their professionalism and responsiveness.

The team you choose to work with for your installation can make a big difference in your solar journey. Remember, beyond just the cost, consider the reputation, expertise, and service quality offered by the installer. Take your time, ask questions, and compare thoroughly to make the most out of your solar investment!

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