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Our Process

We take an educational, no-pressure approach. Always.

1. Free site assessment

We start with a free, in-person site visit.

Whether you're interested in going solar, or installing a battery backup system at your home, to start the process of finding the right energy system for you, one of our Advisors will visit your home or business.  They'll evaluate your energy needs, discuss your current and future energy usage,  check our your site's set up and potential for solar, battery or generators, and bring those findings back to our expert design team. 


2. System Design

We design a custom solution to fit your solar needs.

We've been designing home energy solutions for 16 years across New Hampshire- so know what it takes to design the right system for your needs. We don't rush into creating a proposal on the spot and pressuring you to sign. That wouldn't be fair. Instead, our team assesses the date from your site evaluation and custom designs an energy system specifically for your needs. Our proposal includes a comprehensive list of the equipment and services we'll offer, along with an in-depth analysis of the system's production, costs, manufacturers' warranties, our workmanship warranty, and any available incentives.


3. Financing

Financing made easy.

To help you pick the right financing for you, we have local lending partners who offer green loans and who will be with you every step of the way, should you choose to go down the financing route. We've worked with VSECU/NESCU for 5+ years, and so can connect you with the right experts to ensure you are making the right financial decision, for you. 


4. Project management

We manage our projects for a best-in-class customer experience. 

Now that your project is ready to start, we will take it from here! With nearly two decades of experience installing solar in New Hampshire, we've got the processes, connections, and expertise to set your  project up for success. This includes management of all of the paperwork and correspondence with the utility, town permitting, and scheduling. We will keep you informed throughout the process with clear and informative communication. 

5. Installation

You're ready for your new resilient energy system! 

With all the administrative pieces buttoned up, we will schedule a date to come and install your system. Our team of expert installers and master electricians will arrive promptly on the day of your scheduled install, and will start to put your panels, batteries, or generator in! The team will show you how your system works, help you set up system  monitoring, and make sure all your questions are answered. Congratulations on your new resilient energy system for your home or business!