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Going Green in New Hampshire with Solar

No one appreciates a blue sky more than Pete Lambie—and not just because he flies planes. This New Hampshire pilot also has 39 solar panels on his roof soaking up the sun.

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“I’ve wanted to do solar for as long as I can remember,” says Pete. “But either where I was living, I didn’t always have the exposure that I needed. Or I didn’t have the money. I was waiting over the time for the prices to come down, and they have, significantly, and they continue to.”

So he was excited when he realized that finally had the right set up: the metal roof of his horse barn. Yep, the pilot and his wife Paula also have a horse training and boarding facility (large enough to house as many as 20 horses!). “It has perfect east exposure,” he says.

Pete has 39 QCell panels and 39 Enphase microinverters to power his home. And he loves watching the 15.6 kW array in action. “The app is fascinating to me. If I’m flying somewhere now, I can pull it up and see what’s going on. You see the incredible output—I’m beginning to see it now with the sun shift and the intensity of the power generation.”

Any excess power that his house doesn’t use gets sold back to the grid, thanks to net metering.

“The financial side is great, and I love selling power back, but I went solar primarily for the environment. There’s a lot that needs to change with power globally. But for me, it’s just a small thing that I can do.”

Pete may say it’s just his small part, but it’s pretty meaningful. Research shows that New England solar kept 4.6 million metric tons of carbon out of the environment between 2014 and 2019. That’s like taking 200,000 cars off of the road per year.

It helps when going green is easy. “The system is seamless and the install was well done, you guys have done a great job,” he says. "The guys were great, everyone showed up on time, and it was a phenomenal experience overall.”

With the panels on the barn roof—and maybe a battery on the horizon—Pete and Paula are giving a whole new meaning to the word “horsepower.”

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–Julia Westbrook

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