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How to Pay for Solar: Breaking down costs, financing, and incentives

 Granite State Solar partnered with Clean Energy New Hampshire and our local lender VSECU to bring you our “How You Can Pay For Solar” Webinar. If you have been questioning whether now is the right time is to go solar, tune in to our webinar!  



“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago," said CENH’s Executive Director Sam Evans-Brown"the second-best time is today.” After the aggressive rate hikes New Hampshire Residents have experienced over the past year, perhaps the best time to have gone solar was 20 years ago (or at least before Eversource’s 112% rate hike in August 2022). But it is never too late to slash your electric bill now and insulate yourself from future energy rate hikes.  

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Our “How you Can Pay For Solar” Webinar started out with Eric Kilens’s overview of what to expect when you decide to go solar with Granite State Solar. From there, Clean Energy New Hampshire’s Sam Evans-Brown provided a deep dive into the recently expanded federal solar incentives. We finished off with a solar financing debrief from Laurie Fielder from VSECU, a division of the New England Federal Credit Union, that detailed the loan options available to Granite State Solar customers.  

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 Overall, this Webinar gives you a step-by-step run-through of the Granite State Solar customer service process, a breakdown of our solar financing options, and additional financial benefits you can take advantage of.  At Granite State Solar, we always want you to make an informed decision when deciding whether to go solar. If you’re not ready to take the leap toward solar, take a smaller first step and check out this webinar!  


—Lilly Baron  

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