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Join the Bow Solar Challenge

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Supporting solar starts in our own backyard.

Join the Bow Solar Challenge
The GSS offices in Bow, NH behind Alan and Teri Gauntt (owner/CEO and CFO, respectively) are powered by the sun!

Granite State Solar is proud to call Bow its home and so we would like to make it easier for our neighbors to go solar with us. To do so, we propose the Bow Solar Challenge. Our goal for this challenge is to get 50 homes or businesses in Bow to go solar by 12/31/2020. And to accomplish this, we will be offering special reduced pricing for projects installed in Bow.

As a local business, we feel a responsibility to help our community by making our services more accessible than ever. Building solar arrays makes the grid that we all rely on more resilient and reduces our town’s dependence on fossil fuels. We believe that taking care of our planet should start in our own back yard—it’s why our own offices are powered with solar.

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We recognize that this pandemic tightened everyone’s belts, but the beauty of solar is it will help people save money. Instead of sending money to the utility month after month, solar payments are an investment. Once a system is paid off, which can typically be accomplished in 10 years, Bow homes will be powered by free, renewable energy from the sun. And, instead of fluctuating electric bills, solar customers who finance through our partners, VSECU and Merrimack Savings, can enjoy consistent, low payments—a welcome nugget of predictability during an unpredictable period of our history.

Supporting the community that supports us is our priority. We care about our customers not only because our business depends on it, but more importantly, but because it’s also the right thing to do. Our dedication to providing a positive customer experience has been part of our ethos since we started in 2008 and we look forward to meeting the energy needs of our neighbors.

By Alan Gauntt, Owner and CEO, Granite State Solar

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