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Solar Benefits for Business

Adding solar panels to your commercial property comes with several benefits. Here are some upsides to consider:

• Solar reduces your overhead costs. Expensive electric bills can be a thing of the past. We'll size your system to cover your power needs. And, if you go with our financing partner, you'll have one fixed, low payment every month, instead of an unpredictable statement from the utility.

• You can demonstrate your green priorities. Whether being eco-friendly has long been part of your business ethos or a new reputation you're working to build, going solar is an excellent way to show your community that you care for our planet. 

• Get built-in energy resilience for your company. When you add back-up energy storage, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your business will always be running. That means you'll have power for refrigeration, security systems, the internet, and other pieces of crucial equipment. ​

Business Solar Incentives

Businesses can take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit. It operates as a credit against your tax liability. Our solar advisors are happy to talk through incentives, though consult your accountant to discuss the specifics of your tax situation.

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“We'll be able to produce about 80% of our electricity which is huge. Like most medical practices, we use a tremendous amount to power equipment and servers. Adhering to infection control standards takes a lot of waste, and I’m excited that this endeavor will offset our carbon footprint significantly!”

—Dr. Kris Blackwelder, co-owner of Winnisquam Dental