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Commercial Installations

Good for your bottom line, good for the planet.  It's a no brainer! 

At Granite State Solar, we work with businesses across New Hampshire to install solar and battery backup solutions and help them take full advantage of renewable energy options and incentives.
Explore the benefits of solar for your business below!

The Benefits

Lower overheads

Say goodbye to rising energy costs in your budgeting. We'll design a system to match your energy needs, so your business can start saving, now.

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More resilient

No more outages that hurt your bottom line. With the right solar system, you can be prepared for any weather and reduce your reliance on the grid.

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Increased sustainability

Utilizing solar energy helps minimize your carbon footprint. Choosing solar for your business is an excellent way to show your dedication to the planet.

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Financial incentives

New Hampshire has a great deal of incentives that can help make solar affordable. Let our team of experts guide you to take full advantage of these benefits.

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Incentives made easy

Our team has a wealth of knowledge on how to make the most of the Investment Tax Credit for Solar and battery backup installations. This great incentive not only applies to residential installations, but commercial ones, too! 

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Operates as a credit against your tax liability. 
  • Our solar advisors are happy to talk through incentives with you on your site visit!