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Solar Panels

Check out our suite of products for your energy resilient home!

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation Options

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Roof mount

Depending on your roof age, orientation and solar access, a roof mount is a great option for solar at your home or business. Your panels can be mounted with adhesive clamps or drilled into your roof. Set up your free site visit to learn what option is best for you!


Ground mount

If you don't want panels on your roof, or if your roof isn't ideal for solar, no need to worry! We explore all options and offer ground mounted systems that we can install your property as well. Book in your free site visit to learn more today!

Energy savings

With solar you can save money on your energy bills monthly and add value to your home.

Reduced emissions

With this investment, you are helping to reduce your emissions and do your part to protect the future of our communities and planet.


When you purchase your solar panels, you will ultimately own your energy, reducing your reliance on an increasingly outdated gird.