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A recognizable name in technology advancement, Tesla Powerwall offers stability. A great and affordable option for battery backup systems, Powerwall batteries have several usage modes that can be adjusted and monitored easily from your smartphone.

Backup Power: 13.5kWh

Size and Weight

45.3 in x 29.6 in x 5.75 in (L x W x D)

251.3 lbs

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"Granite State Solar was great to work with. We were thinking about going with a generator for backup power. They helped us explore solar with Batteries. Not only do we not have to listen to a generator once a week, but we also get to make power whenever the sun is shining. The batteries allow us to have 1/2 a normal day power amount on demand during storms and allow us to use our own power most nights. I would use them again for any system additions or recommend them to a friend." —Ross S.

Take A Deeper Look At Battery Storage

Whether you use your battery every day to use more of your solar power right at your own home, or you just want it for when you need it most during a power outage, there are plenty of ways to use a backup battery. Read about the benefits and usage modes of this incredible piece of technology.