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New Hampshire Business Review’s Solar Expert Panel

Granite State Solar’s Ben Soucy on how solar is the right investment for your business

Granite State Solar’s General Manager Ben Soucy had the honor of participating in New Hampshire Business Review's solar webinar, “How Businesses Can Use Solar to Offset Electric Rate Increases.” Soucy shed light on how the right time to go solar is now, especially when you consider the updated federal tax incentives and soaring electrical prices in New Hampshire. 

The webinar dives into the basic ins and outs of solar and highlights many common questions our new commercial customers have. These topics include start-up costs, panel maintenance and lifecycle, renewable energy credits, and all of the new solar incentives formed from the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act.  

As covered in the webinar, New England’s reliance on natural gas (46% of the regional grid) is 8% higher than that of the national average (which is at 38%), making NH businesses at the mercy of unstable electrical bills. Locking in a consistent monthly rate could eliminate the uncertainty of yearly overhead costs for your business.  

GSS General Manager Ben Soucy highlights the win-win scenario of choosing to go solar: “[Our solar customers] are good for 10 to 15 years with virtually no routine maintenance required and a lifespan of up to 25 years.” The standard payback period is around 12 years, making for an additional guilt-free and cost-effective 13 years! And even after 25 years, your solar panels will still be operational but will have lost some generating capacity.  

Click here to watch the full webinar on NHBR’s website.

 Already know that solar is right for your business? Talk to a member of our team!  

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